Monday, April 14, 2014

Comparison of Using Light Weight Brick and normal Brick

Light weight brick have composition of quartz sand, cement, lime, small of gypsum, water and aluminum paste as material developer contain air. After the mixing of all substance the concrete will develop after 7 to 8 hours. Aluminum paste have function as developer and also function as hardening of concrete. The volume of aluminum paste about 5 – 8 percent depend on the rapidity of concrete you want. This concrete mixing then being molding and cut as the dimension want to.

While normal brick is made from soil, sand and sometime mixed with mortar brick. This mixing then mold and burned in high temperature for several hours. The color of normal brick then changed to red brown color.

Light Weight Brick
After the house built will have desigh like below:

Light weight brick usually have size 60 cm x 20 cm with thickness about 8 cm to 10 cm. To build a wall with 1 m2 need about 8 light weigh brick, instant cement and water.

If build with normal brick you will need about 80 brick per m2 and need more sand and cement to compose the brick. To build will need more time longer than light weight brick.

The comparison from the base price per m2, light weigh brick will need about 8 x Rp. 8000 = Rp. 64,000 per m2 and using normal brick will need Rp. 650 x 80 = Rp. 52,000. But if using normal brick you still need sand and more cement to build and more time. So the total installment will more expensive if using normal brick.