Friday, September 15, 2017

Maximized House Design

How to Optimize Your House Design

To design your house should be customized with your land condition, environment and your financial. Some big design usually collaborate with bank in order can give loan to build big house. But for the first house to stay for young couple usually choose house through developer such as in colony house. Normally the design already customized with the surface area.

Choose Your House Model of Minimalist Design

Minimalist Design1

Minimalist Design2

Minimalist Design3

Minimalist Design4

House Layout for Modern House Design

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3

Outside Design of Modern House

Outside Modern House 1

Outside Modern house 2

Outside Modern House 3

House design lately have developed very fast and many models that can choose from property developer. Currently design has improve minimalist design that need by limitation of land that available as we own. Many kind of building design as house can choose from certain models such as minimalist, modern, Mediterranean, classic and many others. This design also improves and develops as the era development and the trend that currently available.

The special design, minimalist have improved very fast and the most prefer of the most of people. This minimalist design should follow the trend that currently exist. People that choose this minimalist design usually young couple because of their urgent need for their family. This design is chosen because they assume that is suitable with their condition, family and economic conditions.

Minimalist design is not just architecture design but this is also the needed of modern management that should use minimal for maximal used. They use this design because of current world that is very materialist and they have a lot of requirement beside just resident. They have high mobility and need other transportation own for fulfill their requirement for their mobile.

Much architecture offer their new design especially for minimalist model for their resident, they used exposed material so have impress of downright, and not too over acting or seems too agresive. This can be assumed as young executive that want go to their office with elegant suit but not over style. But for old people who have established this model is not suitable for them. Minimalism movement represent of' back to 'basic' or return to moderation, it is said this movement arise in America representing which can be assumed as positive movement in a modern era.