Thursday, February 7, 2013

Small Kitchen Design

It has a limited service area, making the kitchen arrangement must be considered carefully. Some tips to consider, including structuring and practical simple kitchen design so as to maximize space efficiency. Additionally election besides selection right material and furniture color can make a room seem more spacious.

The kitchen should be laid out on a small residential practical and simple. Kitchen cabinets, stove kitchen, washing plate and refrigerator can be placed in parallel, while the bench that serves as a dining table lay opposite.

Use a simple design without much detail to avoid a narrow sense, while giving the impression of light. To make the kitchen seem broad can use bright colors, such as yellow, while giving the impression of light to select the primary materials such as MDF kitchen cabinet, or fir wood and covered with plywood, lacquer or Formica. In order not to create the impression of monotony, present some aesthetic accents, such as trim a different color and shape of a kitchen cabinet can be asymmetric.

With a limited kitchen area, we can create a functional kitchen area with innovative designs and practical.