Saturday, December 18, 2010

Build a House Model

Before to build a real house we can build a model by using of light material that can be formed into a house model. To begin construct of this house model, you need eight of 1/32” x ¾” x 9 “ of strips include in the Balsa project assortment. Measure an cut four of those strips in half (4-1/2” of lengths) with scissors. Form a rectangle with two full length and two half length strips, using masking tape to secure corner on the inside and outside. Glue half-length strips in the corners as vertical support, joining the rectangles into a box frame. Paper clips or clothes pins are helpful in holding the strips in place as the glue dries.

To create a climate on the environment of the house model, the design should protect against heat, cold, rain or wind.

View of the house should place windows and open areas facing scenic views and place walls to protect and other privacy.

Terrain design should address slopes, wet areas, buildings and trees and other imagined surroundings. Material that can use as contraction of this model are readily available for construction in that location, such as wood, stone, brick, sand, etc.

Paper and boards in a variety of weights colors and textures can be glued together to cover the frame, create walls and add-on structure. Heavier boards may required a tabletop paper trimmer or knife you may wish to pre-cut these.