Saturday, February 13, 2010

Health House

Everyone need a health house, because a health house will make you health, otherwise unhealthy house will make you are not health. Home is not just for rest after work along day; inside contain the important thing as the place to build a life. A health house is not a luxury house or big house, but also can be a small and simple but eligible to live. A health house design  is a physical, chemical, biology condition inside the house so the house holder can obtain the optimal health status. To make a health house need many important affect conditions:
  1. Good air circulation
  2. Enough of lightening
  3. Available of clean water
  4. There is waster water control system
  5. No humidity on the part of floor and wall and not affected by other pollution like smell, dirty water leakage and dirty air.
To fulfill that condition building need the below materials:

1. Building materials
a. Not produce from material that release dangerous chemicals, should follows this condition:
  • Total dirt not over of 150 µg m3
  • Free asbestos not over than 0,5 fiber/m3/4jam
  • Lead contain not over of 300 mg/kg
b. Not produce from materials that can be a microorganism growth media.

2. Components and room order
House component should fulfill physical and biological condition such as:

a. Waterproof floor and easy to clean
b. Wall
  • Bed room should have air ventilation
  • In bath room and sink must waterproof and easy to clean.
c. Ceiling must easy to clean and not dangerous.
d. If the total height house about 10 meters or more must be completed with lightening rod.
e. Inside of house room should be classed and order for living room, family room, dining room, bed room, kitchen and bath room and play room.
f. Kitchen should be completed with chimney.