Thursday, September 10, 2009

House Plant

The Plant that Needs for your house environment are may include on the below list.

Foliage plants can be a beautiful addition to a home or office. They are often grown for their attractive foliage, since most would require greenhouse conditions to produce flowers.
Several factors influence your success with indoor plants. The key factors for plant growth are light, temperature, humidity, and water. Take time to read about their individual requirements and then try to match their needs to your indoor setting.
  • Proper Light
  • Temperature
  • Water Needs
  • Humidity
How to Improper watering, sudden changes in environment, cold drafts, lack of fertilizer, insect or disease attack may cause problems for houseplants.

General defoliation:
  • Sudden change in temperature
  • Transplanting shock
  • Sudden change in light intensity
  • Over-watering
  • Lack of light Browning of leaf tips
  • Improper watering
  • Exposure to cold drafts
  • Insect attack
  • Excess fertilizer Loss of normal foliage color
  • Over-watering
  • Lack of fertilizer
  • Insect attack
  • Improper light Spotted foliage
  • Over-watering
  • Burning from direct sunlight
  • Disease

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