Sunday, November 30, 2014

Modern Warehouse Design with Robots

In several modern warehouse already use robot, because it more simple and easy to control. If we depend to people sometimes the order to keep and take from warehouse can be not regular or not follow the rule. The benefit of using robot are there are no safety issue regarding people died on the warehouse, or there is no steeling goods from warehouse because often time many things are stolen from warehouse. Use robot will work faster and more accurate. These are several warehouses that use robot to arrange and order goods from the rack on warehouse.

Volkswagen's storage facility in Wolfsburg, Germany use robot to keep cars on the racks. This is an actual 20-story car tower that takes up just 20% of the space of a conventional parking garage handling the same number of vehicles. Volkswagen uses the facility in a showy delivery process for its new-car customers.

Volkwager Warehouse

Pharmacy warehouse serve by robot in order take accurate medicine and can give the best service for the patient and to avoid any mistake on giving medicine to the patients. Malpractice of doctor can be cause by wrong giving medicine because of many stock on the warehouse.

Pharmacy Warehouse