Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bidding House For Sale

To buy a house you must be careful especially the legal status of the house, if letter of the house shows same with the owner, usually no problem but if you buy from broker you must investigate more detail. The second then you must calculate or estimate the cost for repair the house before ready to use.

For your guideline see the detail parameters below:
  • What is your budget; you must make a budget to buy a house. You must have good planning before you decide to buy a house, at least you must add 10% from the price of the house. This additional budget is prepared for repair the house. If you have children you must calculate the additional budget because other additional budget will need for your children.
  • You must have your ideal house, because you will leave on the house for a long time. Your ideal house should be approach with your ideal house picture. If you will have many children you don’t buy a minimalist house.
  • Make a list of house for sale, from cheap to expensive that suitable with your budget. You can collect the list from news paper, internet, friends, and brochure and may be from your own survey. Then you must look over the house on your list to survey.
  • One week review, after you looking around according your house list and make assessment of each house on the list. For example from 10 on your list you must eliminate and rest only 3 house to review again.
  • You can survey only 3 left house list, but if from direct survey you still can’t decide your ideal house you can survey of other list of house.
  • Make comparison of the result of survey and make sure that your house list has all legal requirements as it should be.
  • After you find your ideal house then you research again to your choosing house more detail to predict the cost to repair your dream house. Such as wood structure, windows and doors, all concrete condition, building foundation, all concrete on the top and in the middle on the house, condition of roof, condition of top roof, the age of house, the last renovation date, water source, electric source, toilet canal, drainage system, rat hole if possible, dish wash discharge, electric cabling, all bills (water, electric, phone, tv cable, internet, and so on), because it can burden you.
  • Do a best bid; you must do a best bid because many parameters you do to bid this house because of many problems or less problem on your dream house. Bidding not just the price but also on how you will pay the house, whether it will be repaid, or only advance then the rest on the certain month and so on.
  • Make a deal transaction with signature each others.