Thursday, October 30, 2014

Build House With Light Brick

Build a house use light brick have several benefits compare with clay brick. Several benefit as follows:
  • Light brick have accurate and uniform size, because produce using machine
  • Can be cut easily into various shapes and sizes, easy to machine can even be curved to murals.
  • Easy to be integrated into existing design without major change to traditional system
  • Reduce weight very significant for the same volume
  • Reduce sound
  • High thermal insulation
  • Easy to transfer and faster application
  • Improve fire rating
  • Large size can replace almost 11 brick with single brick, reduce cost to build
  • Easy to cut conduit, boxes, etc, for concealing pipes, electrical etc.
The size of light brick can be varied depend on the proposed application, the available size usually as follows (L x H x W):
  • 600 x 200 x 75
  • 600 x 200 x 100
  • 600 x 200 x 150
  • 600 x 200 x 200
  • 600 x 200 x 225
 The disadvantage using light brick only can’t install something on the wall using nail, because nail won’t to stick to the wall because the structure of light brick can handle strong. So after we apply layer upon the brick we must use adhesive to stick something on the wall.

Many kind of light Brick and how to set up wall as on the picture below: