Sunday, July 15, 2012

Building For Workshop

Design building for workshop is different design compare with other normal building as usual. Building for workshop is designed as the function of the process itself like in the electroplating process such as in silver electroplating or in chrome plating. Chrome plating workshop is designed as the process incident, on this process will expel dangerous gases for our health so it should be provided with exhaust system to through away the gases.

The warehouse also should be provided with drainage system to drain every waste liquid into the waste dispose treatment in order don't pollute the environment. Electroplating workshop also should be provided with the place for series of existing electroplating process do which is at the end of process should be cleaned the pieces.

Only my notice that better looking over the internet before you decide what exactly the final design will be used for your workshop. Because workshop can be very special for kind of work. Workshop for special purpose may can be different with workshop for spare part repair. Some tool and equipment may need more space for you work in order can work safe and health.