Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gypsum as Ceiling and Insulation

Gypsum board as ceiling and insulation has a small thermal conductivity. These advantages make the application of gypsum make room cooler and resistant to fire.

Gypsum has a small thermal conductivity when compared with other materials, like concrete or brick. Because of the small heat conductivity, when applied tends to make the room cooler.

For example, when the air conditioning is turned off in an apartment used brick as an insulating of construction. In this room the heat will come back quickly enveloped the room. However, when using gypsum, the room remained cold longer.

In addition to the two advantages, gypsum has many other advantages that benefit when applied in a dwelling. For example, when an earthquake happens, gypsum can stand much longer when the shock takes place.

Currently, as manufacturers are concentrating on the interior element, some company trying to offer solutions through products Seismic Ceiling System. By using seismic approach, this system will minimize the risk when the quake occurred, so that residents have more time to save themselves, and to avoid building material that fell abruptly.

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