Friday, April 6, 2012

Superb Compositions

The superb composition of living room wall furniture, different and unusual for modern homes, vibrate with harmony. What strikes us at a first glance is the soft candour of painted lacquers which cover entire surfaces of prized woods. This is in fact the primary requisite which experienced firms know they should respect if they wish to be read by increasing preference which a knowledgeable clientele gives nowadays to its production. The bearing structure of the piece is made of solid, seasoned wood, a prized material so as to protect against eventual surprises caused by alterations with time. Secondly, but only in terms of the order of construction, we have the execution of the lacquering.

Once this process was the exclusive pride of the Orient, but a nation of navigators and artists such ours has managed to penetrate its secrets and with a wholly Latin intelligence has transformed the processes by the discovery of new ingredients to add in careful dosages to the basic substances. Thus are born, indistinct coating in which white is touched with color to give a richness of tone expressed by the basic shade.

The great side of the tall, glass doored piece, uniform white, blends into the light emitted by its ground glass doors. An advanced base in shinning marble supports the above and close by the low piece with its shelves and drawers. These latter with the doors are finished with elegant black edges which are sufficient, thanks to a clever creative touch, to substitute handles or knobs. The design thus manifests in all its linearity, yet never falls short of a rationality which enhances and defines space with extreme rigour and casual elegance. The two spacious glass doors, slim at the top, close a central shelved, space.

Heavy crystal or shelves which are also lacquered hold with reverence books, china, silver or anything else one wishes to display to one's guests, all admiration for such refined elegance. The solution adopted is a modular one, so that every problem caused by architectonic idiosyncrasies can be overcome.