Friday, April 6, 2012

Armonious Surroundings

Everyone will have experienced that subtle pleasure deriving from the idea that the moment has arrived to forget daily worries and so to hide in a welcoming nook providing relaxation and serenity. What is needed in such a moment is an ambience which manages to associate comfort with a delicate harmony of form where our desire for tranquility can be fulfiled.

Comfort and harmony are only two of the variety of qualities possessed by the rooms displayed before us. Manufacturers tend to increasingly seek new models and originally seek new models and original solutions to meet both the demand for long life and strenght as well as the equally important desire for elegance and the modern.

In the other words architects must exploit technological developments in such a way as to produce compositions which are more mirror a trend towards originally without forgetting the benefits of the various elements in daily use. An alarm clock/television is by now an indispensable accessory and underlines and strengthens the changes in design pattern.

A sinous form is taken up in its turn by the chest of drawers and it is as if a continuous and flexible line runs through all the elements of the composition, uniting them in magical harmony. The bed with its well equipped head piece is imposing and surveys the ambience as if a prince before whom every other piece should low. The wardrobe opposite, on the other hand, cuts through the room with its shining panels which reflect luminous fans taken up and refracted by the dressing table mirror curving along the wall.

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