Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tips of Cheap House Construction

House structure has significant impact to the house construction expense. Sometimes build a structure expense 40 to 50 percent of the total cost. To get around the expensive cost, here are some tips you should do.

House Size
Make sure that your house size is an even number or folded number of the material size long. For steel structure the size must be 3 m, 6 m or 9 m this is the ideal number. For concrete structure should be number 4 or folded, are the efective number.

House Form
The house form should be square or rectangle is cheaper and eficient of the triangle or another angle form. See from material side, camber form usually will rest much material. 

Home land
The location of house also affect to the structure cost and the construction cost. Choose a slopy land will need additional cost to make even land.

Wheather and climate condition
For this situation, you should notice to the neighborhood house, they usually have experience to use certain material because some material already conditioned with the local wheater condition.

You should looking for a qualified masonry, especially if you don't have much time to supervise the building construction. May their wage is higher but development cost will not increased. 

Use local material
Other way to reduce housing costs is to use a simple but high quality building materials. Some local materials can use beside make energy effisicient also widely available in the dwelling house. For example bamboo, brick stone, wood and coconut wood.

Alternative materials
In addition to building materials in general, it is found that the technology is more effective alternatives. Materials such as cement mortar, aerated concrete, paper, Styrofoam (EPS Sandwich Panel), Fiber Cement, and kotainer.