Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tropical Express Occupancy

This house was built alongside a road and an elegant building in comparison with other buildings around it. Residential with an area of 400 m2 with total area of 300 m2 is to apply the concept of a tropical house. Existing conditions and tropical concept is the orientation of the initial planning of the realization of this house.

The main entrance showing wood elements in the canopy and wall combined with elements of modern geometric motifs of leaves on the main doors and pole canopy at the main door. Terrace are also provided wood profiles including front door which has an irregular pattern.

According to the architect of tropical concept as applied to this house is shown with the concept that created the park in the rear area. Application of the concept of a tropical look more clearly by making the maximum extent possible merger of the family room with open space on the back so as to make openings as much as possible.

Wall texture using a model of wood decking wood wall & floor finished. The atmosphere is comfortable house for maximum lighting and natural air circulation running smoothly. There are no direct lighting in this room create an atmosphere honey. The concept is also applied through the tropical areas of wood combination like wooden staircase railing that also serves as an insulator with a dining room. Floors made of wood on the top floor and the wood decking on the main bed gives the impression that the more prominent tropical.