Friday, January 20, 2012

Solid State Furniture

Strong geometric shapes, simple in line yet hefty in form, are hallmarks of Spencer Fung's furniture newly imported from London. Born in Hong King but educated at the university of Cambridge and the Architectural Association in London, Fung has been influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. Childhood memories of Chinese antiques and temple furniture have informed the concepts in his design, although there has been no attempt to intimate traditional styles.

Chinese furniture tends to be very upright. The Chinese believe that this is the best for good posture, whose own designs especially the benches offer a more rigid self supported way of sitting. Also furniture in often dark wood, as are traditional Chinese pieces. Concepts of simplicity and multi functionally likewise have.

Accidentally speaking, there is such a strong craft tradition in England, who has gone to the corners of the British Isle to find the various craftspeople to produce his simple yet precise designs. It is just this precision of form that allows the designer to draw attention to the natural textures and gaining of his fine woods, particularly in contrast to other materials such as bronze, raffia, leather and silk.

Fung was commissioned to create furniture for the London menswear shop Joseph. It was there the Ralph Pucci discovered his work and decided it would make a perfect additon to his growing roster of exclusive furniture lines in America.