Thursday, December 1, 2011

Working Room 2.5 m x 4.5 m

Room for people who work in sciences, need room that can give a thinking fresh, to think of create policies and make a decision steps. Because the main activity read literatures and sometimes write the important think. The table need a folded form model,  so if there is no write activity, the room can make larger by folding the table. While create a ventilation hole with wood is deliberatly so that air circulation on the room always fresh. To prevent dust enter into the room from ventilation, the roof space made more lower with trees as filter outside the room.

Using wood rack to keep book, make the small room like more spacious, not like use full wood cabinet look like the room more heavy the cabinet make block the whole room. On this matter we use wood rack with folded table to accomplish the room.

1. Working Table
2. Working Chair
3. Low Cabinet
4. Wooden Rack