Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Small Working Room 2.75 m x 3.5 m

This working space, owned by an artist with activity as a designer in graphic design. The equipment used is a set of computer complete with printer. With the use of such sophisticated equipment, all documents can be programmed into it. Therefore, equipments in the room can be more simple and the atmosphere are becoming more organized, clean and free from concept paper.

Work desk in this space, use a mat of glass so that maintenance becomes easier. To get a broad view, the desk is placed facing the window associated with the park in front of him. With this placement, the natural light can enter in sufficient quantity. Meanwhile, to reduce the incoming too strong sunlight, then the glass window was installed curtains made from woven bamboo.

Overall, the work space is dominated by dark colors, such as brick walls of the material that revealed, from the floor tile, pc maroon red color, and color palate old green revealed with a wood frame. However, with the presence of large glass windows and cabinet doors planting of white-painted wooden jalousie material, make the atmosphere of the workspace is bright and fresh.