Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kitchen More Elegan and Clean

On the time being, kitchen is not just as cooking but as use for eating area and to entertain of friend and family on the gethering season. On this case kitchen then design in more beautiful like other room on our house. On the time that need more faster need a kitchen with design combining sophisticated technology and more qualified kitchen system.

As the kitchen designer with tema "Devine", the kitchen is design with the clean performance or clean look, and elegant. The room dominate by box form and white color (white on white) in order can show the color and the form of food. Kitchen cabinet contain of tail unit and base unit that arrange in L letter formation and accomplished with island table on the midle of the room.

All the equipment like oven, microwave and wine cooler choose from Miele include of exhause fan (cooker hood) that installed above the island table and the height can be controlled automatic botton. Rack on the kitchen use Hettich trademark product from Germany, and stainless steel tandem box drawer. All the equipment use international standard and durable, easy to use, easy to maintain and beauty.