Monday, December 19, 2011

Invest House Never Loss

Not only the singing world's, Rossa is increasingly serious in the property business. Because the decision to buy Villa Paya-Paya in Seminyak, Bali, get sweet fruit. Not just rent villas, Rossa admitted, now she is also keen to trade houses and apartments. In fact, the singer's real name is Sri Roslaina Handiyani also building housing.

"I was getting a partner to build housing," she said happy.

Rossa told me, years ago, she bought Villa Paya-Paya from a friend. After slicked, Rossa renting the villa. She is surprised, the occupancy is very high.

"From there, I am interested to continue doing property business," says the singer of the song "Tegar".

Rossa admitted, because the property was originally invested hobby. She often bought a house, then she fix to make it more beautiful. If anyone interested and the price is deal, Rossa did not hesitate to take it off.

"I never sold a house with profit 100%," Rossa said proudly. Sweet female births in Sumedang, October 9, 1978, this claim has never losses invested in property.
"But, should look the location and who is the developer," she added.

Rossa had a special reason happenings prefer buying and selling properties than other investments.

"I can not get saved," said the woman who was familiarly called this Oca. So, if there are homes sold, Oca is hunting a house again soon. Furthermore, she uses some of its profits to renovate the house earlier.