Friday, November 4, 2011

Small Working Room, 2 X 4 Meters

As on the sketch picture this working room use drawing table as working table, beside we can use writing table instead of drawing table as working table, while this depend on the kind of related work or working activity. Another alternative to consider in both pictures of this workspace is a place to store rolls of paper. We can use steel hanging rack or stand box. That depends on the enjoyment of each person.

Mazzanine is one the way to get vertically separate room from others, but as whole room feels unite and as the part of that room. At these working room picture can be as technical student working room or can be interior designer working room. Because of limited space, the equipment use on this room should not to large.

For an artist who is always to look for new creation, the office does not require a large and spacious place, but the important thing is calm and comfortable atmosphere and good air circulation. On the picture, seen a table with long size made from wood with Formica coating as the base. On that table, plan and design work can start on that table and the literatures keep above the table, add an open rack that is placed along the side of the room.

If you notice, ceiling and short side of the workspace, it is seen that the workspace is located at the top of a house. Meanwhile, to get good air circulation, the short side of the workspace is made of upright wooden jalousie mounted as high as the room.