Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Easy Cooking

A man cooking away in the kitchen is no longer a rarity, but should never forget that these attempts to usurp a throne destined by tradition and natural right to the experience of women can have but small and short lived victories. There are in fact kitchens offered on the specialized market which seem to envelope a special feature; that of making a woman feel perfectly at ease as she begins her working day as cook in a state of well being and comfort, and continues with all those tasks connected to her activity as housewife without resenting the slightest unease. Surrounded by furniture, catch the light in an enhancing effect of crossing reflections, she moves in an atmosphere by a model structured in a melaminic finish with medium density doors finished in white polymeric laminate enhanced by beach laminate applied to the fronts of bath small and large drawers as well as the new practical draw-out basket containers which are very spacious and suitable for the storage of a variety of articles.

Work and joining tops are in beech or Gioia Statuaria white marble which perfectly meet the demands of a hygienic cleaning and upkeep, as well as being carefree and practical. Avantguarde technologies are the arms used by our firms to meet the challenge of new demands in a world wide market and to create kitchens which bear comparison with articles at the top of the market while maintaining distinctively competitive prices.

The relationship between quality and price has been the target both aimed at and realized in the production programmes of modern industries so as to satisfy and dominate an ever increasing market. Diversification with a growing series of models is another no less important factor in productive strategy. Visual delight, is enhanced by a triumph of light spread over a thousand shades of white.

Play a harmonious color game with the black edges and joining surfaces interwining with the pale yellow shades of the different sized drawers in beech laminate together with the colored rays of interspersed glass elements. Each individual detail reveals the skillful use of new technologies, the worth of the structural materials, the desired and studied logic of design aimed at giving new and functional solutions as, for example, in corners and edges which are rounded thanks to new work processes.