Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Attractive Terrace

Terrace can be positioned on the side, rear, or front of the house. Mostly, people choose the placement of the terrace at the front of the house for more formal impression. If the home facing west or east, should be added sunshade on the front porch. Because the building that leads west and east in line with the course of the sun, and the chances of getting a greater exposure to sunlight in the morning or afternoon. This also affects the selection of furniture and accessories for terrace.

You need to specify the purpose of making the terrace. For example, to greet guests in an atmosphere of non-formal or also functions as a relaxing place to read a newspaper.

It will determine the furniture for certain function. Terrace usually located outside the house and serves as a transition between the home page, you should choose furniture that is relatively resistant to the weather.

Terrace usually gets more sun and rain splash more than a room in the house, you should select furniture that "hardiness.”

The same rationale should also apply to the floor. In order not slippery when exposed to rain, you should use a textured floor material. For example, materials made of ceramic or natural stone.

To beautify the terrace, you can put tables and chairs. Can also add a touch of a potted plant at each corner or hung. Due to related pages. You also need to watch the garden arrangement. Terrace vies should be supported with a neat garden.

For the record, match well with the overall style attributes terrace dwelling in order to appear harmonious. For example, if your home is a classic ethnic style, you can choose a carved wooden furniture, sculpture traditional wedding, and others.

However, if you want to appear more "brave,” contrasted with the paint color of a table chair and wall or background in order to appear more attractive. Or, you can also use an exposed brick wall with no makeup so that more natural impression.