Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eficient Kitchen

The kitchen becomes a place to perform a variety of activity does not mean we can make it efficient. If we can create a functional storage space and organize equipment activities placement in the kitchen more efficient and effective.

This characterizes of contemporary kitchen can be created with a blend a number of important things. Efficiency we can start by creating storage space by putting the cabinet between a place for cooking, storing and washing. This concept can be known as kitchen set. This arrangement not only includes storage space, but also integrating all functions of the kitchen.

Because we are not only busy for cooking, selection of the size and placement of kitchen set will need to consider the size of the furniture around it. As placing the dining table which together with the work table in the kitchen. Similarly, with a combined storage area with refrigerator.

Before designing a kitchen set, we should compile a list of requirements for activities in the kitchen. It aims to be the size and placement can be appropriate tools. The form has undergone many changes. Once this box comes in the form of ordinary closet door and a number of shelves in it.

The cabinet is then designed more artistic and placed on the wall. There is also shaped drawer under the table. Storage place like this relies on the skills and creativity of a carpenter.

The current type is a closet that can be dismantled pairs, so the kitchen can be moved when the layout changes. The door is also growing nicely with a glass or solid board.

If you want a more compact again there is also the storage box made of stainless steel equipped with a wheel of the hinge. This model is quite practical in helping in the kitchen storage.