Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Smooth Silent Design

Smooth silent is a term that often appears at this time for those engaged in the manufacture of kitchen and toilet seat, smooth silent is a new technology that comes refine its product designs.

Smooth silent is a smart technology that was created to make slow movement of objects to close, so the voice sounded very soft, not missing even rang. Braking system was created to regulate the speed of movement to a minimum.

In the market, the term is actually a variety of smooth silent. There was a close call with a soft close or quiet. But, essentially all of the terms have the same principle.

While the sound generated when slamming shut the door or cover kitchen cabinet set (cover) or toilet seat is quite hard, some people still consider it not a big problem. However, if there is repeated every day, resentment will surely get disturb yourself.

On the other hand, hard close that are generated when slamming shut can make your furniture easily damaged and not durable. Moreover, the danger was nearer threatening you and your family like a hand pinched or heart attack because of its extreme shock to hear the sound louder. The reason is what makes the importance of the existence of a smooth silent technology.