Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wood Preservative Against Insect

If we construct our house with many of wood frame, this may become the serious problem someday, if many insect create a hole on your wood frame. To avoid this problem some designer avoids too many wood on their design to make longer time age for the building. Otherwise we can use hard wood to make insect don’t like to frame wood or by special treatment to the wood so that insect don’t like to eat those wood. Some Industries wood preservative make this wood more resist to insect and other animals that make damage to the wood frame.

Insects that enter through weep-holes and nest in the wall-cavities can cause serious problems. While Mortar Net Weep Vents guard weep-holes against blockage by many types of insects or debris, new Mortar Net with Insect Barrier adds another layer of defense inside the wall-cavity.

Otherwise, it’s the same Mortar Net product you’ve used for years. It gives you the same dependable moisture-control...the same mortar-capturing “trapezoidal” design...the same quick-&-easy installation! Except now, one side is covered with a special fabric that still lets water OUT and lets air IN, but ALSO creates a barrier against insect-infestations.