Thursday, March 17, 2011

Material For Furniture

Many kind of woods can use for furniture material from the solid wood to waste of wood. The beginning of furniture production is made from solid wood use for furniture without joint so will create a good quality product, smooth, tidy and strong. The availability of wood going shortage and the price going increase and people than create furniture using other material or joining wood or piece of woods than coated with veneer.

Currently treated wood become a main material commodity to build a furniture. Even though is not made from solid wood, treated wood have high strength, tidy and interesting. So before we create a furniture we must familiar with the kind of wood and the finishing method. The below inform of several wood from solid wood until treated wood like particle board.

1. Solid Wood (Teak wood)
Teak solid wood is very prefer to build furniture, beside have good strength, teak wood have good texture. Teak wood cans come from many area in Indonesia like east Java, central java and west java, the best teak wood come from east java. By finishing using melanin coating and politer or PU (polyurethane) very good applied on this teak wood as finished material.

2. Sungkai Wood
Other alternative beside teak wood is sungkai wood beside have bright color, this wood have more clear pattern and regular pattern and softer than teak wood. The price also cheaper even have lower strong than teak wood.

Finishing treatment is better use transparent material like melamine, politer and PU to this wood to make the texture more expose.

3. Netherlands Teak Wood
People called this wood by packing wood. Texture and wood eye look more noticeable and become the main attraction beside resist from termite attack because of low water contain of this wood. The good finishing method for this wood is better use transparent material like melamine or politer.

5. Plywood
Plywood wood that ply by many kind of treated wood, like triplex have three of layer and multiplex have more than tree layer. This kind wood is made by use of glue than pressed by high pressure. On the market this plywood available in many thick, 3 mm, 5 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm. Good coating material for this kind of wood use layer of Veneer, HPL (laminate), Tacon, PVC (polyvinyl carbonate).

6. MDF Wood
MDF wood (Medium Density Fiberboard) is made from sawdust or wood slurry that mixed with chemicals and solidify by using glue and pressed in hot temperature 1800 oC. The final form of this MDF with the size of 244 cm x 122 cm. The price also very cheap if compare to solid wood. MDF material usually use for practice using in the knock down condition.

7. Particle Board
Particle board is made from sawdust or wood slurry and the process similar with MDF process, but the quality of particle board lower than MDF. The finishing method of this particle board is similar with MDF wood and other kind of treated wood.

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