Saturday, February 12, 2011

Build Simple House

To build a simple house mean just suit with standard little family, may be just available two bed room, one guest/rest room, one bathroom and kitchen. This kind house minimum build with size 45 m2 area, if build in smaller area your room will too small. This kind house usually build by developer and sold to user directly. Their consumer will support by bank to give them a debt with installment for several years installment, usually 5 years, 10 years or 15 years.

To get this debt usually you must have regular income that evidence with salary bill and with current age until pension as long as the debt installment will taken. For example if your age 40 years, its mean you just have time 15 years till pension, if the pension age at 55 years old. But for older people than 40 years, they just can debt for 10 years or 5 years installment.

For this debt bank will cover by insurance, the insurance will cover if you dead before the debt pay off. Your family will no longer have debt, because it's cover by insurance. But if you can't pay again but your debt not pay off yet, your bank will confiscate your house, this is the consequence of debt to the bank. If your bank good then the sold house will calculate with your last debt included interest and penalties.