Thursday, July 8, 2010

Preparation Build A House

To build a house we should prepare some the most important thing as follows:
  • Building Design, to get the total area of building that will construct.
  • Rough Budget that convert from general standard calculation like 1 million per square meter or 1.5 million per square meter. This standard calculation is taken from the local area standard that is different for every places. On this rough building standard there are many option can be choose, its depend on your budged availability.
  • Prepare for additional material like tread as align aid
  • Begin to order part that build from wood like windows and doors. In order when the construction started this part have ready, and will not waiting if the building want to install.
  • Prepare material for base structural, stone, sand, cement, steel frame
  • Prepare of construction materials, like sand, cement, steel frame, construction tile
  • Preparing for roof-tile material, tile
  • Preparing for roof material, triplex or tile
  • Preparing for floor material, ceramic, sand, cement
  • Preparing for electrical installation, cable, socket, and so on
  • Preparing for water and drainage channel, bath room, kitchen, shower and so on.
  • Preparing for wall construction
  • Preparing for painting
  • Install door and windows
  • Part finishing
  • Cleaning
The above order usually cant leap to long, like to preparing for roof material and floor material can together upside down but can’t leap to long like after painting then electrical installation. If this not in order, will make a problem like dig up after construction or break the wall after painting and so on. The order from 1 to 4 is must in order, if not in order even don’t have any preparation for point 1 to 4 it means that the building construction will not finished.