Friday, June 11, 2010

Wood Preservative Agent

Your wood construction can damage for just 5 years if you use wood without preservative agent, or you use bad wood quality. Many animals can eat your wood frame and make your house construction damage in just one or two years. To overcome this you can use preservative agent that can be absorbed by wood after spread on the wood surface. People on traditional treat wood by dipped on muddy water for several months, but by this treatment if your woods too young will spoil by this treatment. Through this treatment people will get wood qualified and can stand for long time even more than 20 years stand.

The modern treatment usually uses formalin to treat preservative woods. They use vessel and woods entered into the vessel then inject by formalin and fuming the formalin by heating. The formalin have bad effect for long time uses, formalin preservative effect will finished for several months and animals can eat wood also. The other treatment is by using chromic acid, chromic acid can absorb by wood and make wood don’t eat by small animals. Chromic acid effect also will finished after several months but you can retreatment this wood again by this agent easily, different with formalin that have bad smell.

To treat by yourself you must use protection equipment, like hands glove, goggle and masker. The two chemicals either formalin or chromic acid are poisonous chemicals so you must be careful on using this chemicals. Formalin easily to vapour but chromic acid don’t easily so chromic acid can stand longer than formalin on normal condition.