Friday, June 11, 2010

Second House Ownership

You may have one house now, but many people have more than one house because they are braver to infest than you. Why this can happen? Please read carefully for my experience below.

If you are an employee, you have opportunity to have a house through house loan. Either from your company itself or from bank loan that usually offer for property owner. You can take this opportunity, you may have more than one opportunity along your life to take this loan.

This loan usually have several option, 5 years loan, 10 years loan or 15 years loan. If your salary is enough for take of 5 years loan you can take it now, but if don’t you can try of having more income from other source, or you can take the other option loan, 10 years loan. If you take loan from BTN you can make it shorten than the long loan if you pay more than your credit. You can finished your credit faster may be 5 years.

After you finished the first of house loan, you can take for second home loan, for this load you just have time about 5 years normally but it is still good for you. Why this opportunity is good for you because if you die before you pay all your credit, the insurance will pay it for you, so you still have the second home.

The price of your house will increase on, sometime more than the prediction, over than your income, over than economic prediction. If you sometime have an economic problem, you can sell your second house. You can also rent your second house for your income. You can pay a part of house credit from this house rent. You can make your house as business centre, so you will pay your house credit using your business income. So you can