Thursday, April 1, 2010

Many Kinds of Book Rack On House

The sample design takes from friend website on this internet, but I forget to copy the address. There are many kind of bookrack can be placed in your house, altogether as house ornament on your interior house. You can design this rack to fit with the space available on your room. The design can be vary, and many of them very interesting and can be duplicate by yourselves if you feel the design suitable with your room.

The picture below can see many design that is not usual as on the shop sell, you can choose one if the design suitable to your room.

Simple design of sentence mark, this design is suitable for long room and can be lengthen, as you need.

Many kind of book rack suitable for minimalist design:

Book rack for children can be design with funny models; for children book rack it better to choose safe material to construct, avoid of sharp form.

Book rack that unite with chair, purposes to make space more efficient. This model also can be applied on reading room, bad room or working room.

 The island of books rack design, you can add this rack as room decoration.

The tree of bookrack design, you can also separate your kind of book with different rack design, like tree design just to keep environmental book, biology book and plant and animals book. And many others.

Sport Design to keep sport book, or to keep art book.

Heart beat design suitable keep health book, hospital book, and many others:

Drum bookrack design:

Wire bookrack design, can place in bad room to keep book or cloth and many kind of good can keep in here.