Monday, January 11, 2010

House For Business

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To build a house for business should be designed differently with the house normally. Off course you often involved in the house like this, but if you have worked in many company you will know that there are many kind of business house, or room design in many ways, even you have ever worked in the building that is not suitable for business, like my house he he he.

For the beginning it is difficult should has a house that suitable for business, because our business is still don’t work properly. We must collect the money first to facilitate the business. But if we classified the house facility for business, we can divide into several kind of house.

There are two kind of big group of business separately, you can facilitate your office with different kind of facility, dependent on your business class:

Small or Medium Business:
Whether you have one employee or up to 100, you need the services to fit not just your size but your field, from retail to healthcare. Other facilities that should be provide on your business such as; phone, high speed internet and saving bundles

Large Business:
For large business, with over 100 employees, you need more bandwidth with less overhead and customized service to match both your company and your industry. The facility that may need on your house are business trunking, dedicated fiber data and internet and security managed.

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