Monday, November 2, 2009

How to Find a Qualified Developer

Many developers offer and promise of home builder with a good price to build a house. But if you already know that many developers who are qualified to offer many services beside just to build your house and your burden, both in care of everything about your home like gardening, including building permit.

A good developer will offer his services in building houses not only in just to build, but sometimes offer free service which is included in the package to build a house. In offering services to build houses they usually offer something like the following:
  • House plant design of the Family Home
  • Architectural Design, Image Work, 3D
  • Building a New House
  • Renovation the Old House
  • Budget Plan RAB & Consultation
But in addition to the above a lot of developers who provide free services in the care of IMB (build permit), the land certificate or certificate of property right to alter the property right and so forth. Qualified developers team who usually have a working team with a qualified staff of Civil Architect, Building Architect and Energy Masonry experienced. Have a dedication, full of innovation and commitment in every project work, done in a professional and well planned. They also must have experience in built various types of houses in various of land locations.

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