Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Build a Waterpond to Reduce Flood

A superblock of Kemang Vilage in South Jakarta plan to build a waterpond that can accommodate the flood of the river water, which can be pumped out of the river during dry or processed into clean water. Waterpond is expected to reduce the burden of flooding in this area during the rainy season, and can reuse again the water on the pond to supply the community.

This system have successfully apply in Lippo Cikarang, but in Kemang Vilage have different condition like water supply in dry season is empty, so waterpond will contain no water. To overcome this condition the developer than work together with water supply company (PDAM) that have supplied this area.

This water system is not trial but have been applied for more than 18 year old in the township of Lippo Village, where all domestic waste is processed and used again to supply the housing community. On this area is planted thousand threes, and ban of taking groundwater, which makes Lippo Village an icon for that environment.

This model become an obsession of Jopy the owner of Lippo Karawaci Tbk Developer, this model are integrated of architecture idealism, commercial and environmental, either in areas that were originally quiet until the middle of city that already crowded area like in the cities such as Kemang.

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