Sunday, September 27, 2009

Property Information of Jakarta

The small groups of houses are mushrooming in Jakarta and surrounding cities in Java. What are the benefits to buy this kind of house? Beware of loose, too!

We certainly know and are familiar with the term town house or a house dealer. These houses generally build with a limited number and location very close to downtown or central of district business. Location could be located in the middle of the traditional settlements had existed before, and the location of the town house is "the rest of the remaining land" which is still untapped. Because it is a "rest land", of course not be too wide for standard housing in the suburbs.

Houses dealer like the above description become the choices by who want to stay in the middle of the following cities with all the facilities and the ease, but do not want to live in such a vertical residential apartments. One cluster house dealer usually only contain between 10 to 20, or maximum of just 30 houses.

This colony house can encounter in many areas of the outskirts of the capital which was entered into the administrative of Jakarta area. Cilandak, Kalibata, Pondok Kopi, Palmerah, Cengkareng or Petukangan just a few areas where townhouses exist. Dozens of areas with this kind of characters found in around of Jakarta.

New trend
With the number of units that offer similar to the townhouse (only about 10-30 units), now appears new "housing" that is located not exactly close to downtown. If the assumption near the center with the maximum distance of 10 or 15 km, the housing distance may at least 20 km, even up to 40 km from the center of city or business center in the capital of Jakarta.

This housing model practically do not have a generic term. Called as townhouses, but no longer be located near the town, want to be called the housing, the amount may not be enough to create a neighborhood association (RT) that ideally need between 50-60 home/head family.

Until now, there is no specific term used to refer to this kind of housing characteristics. Each developer picked their own names, while in the eyes of their customers still call it housing.

This kind of "Housing" has emerged as a strategy of the developers who do not have enough of capital to develop a relatively large area. The size of the allocated land was not in a matter of hectares, at best, starting with the 1000/2000 m2 area up to 5.000M2.

The selected location of the small developer is generally located near residential areas developed by major developers. West and southwest, around Karawaci, Serpong, Pondok Aren, Bintaro, Ciputat, Ciledug, and Pamulang are areas where small housing estate, this kind of emerging.

While in the south, ranging from the Great Lenteng to Depok also encountered-residential house with small type. While in the east, areas such as non-commissioned officer, Harapan Indah, Pondok Gede, Jatibening, Cikunir, until Cilangkap a fertile growing area of residential mini.

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