Sunday, July 19, 2009

Garden Ornament

In order for the home garden look more attractive, you can use the ornaments in the garden between the plants. In addition to ornaments such as lighting function, garden ornaments also add aesthetic value.

There are many objects of art can be used as a garden ornament. Its can be a light that functions as a garden of light at night, statue, gentong, porcelain jar, torro and so forth. Even jewelry can also use as rice pestle. What should you look? Following the tips in brief:
  1. Select jewelry that match your garden
  2. Ornaments position must be adapted to its function, such as garden lights. Placing of garden lights that are not suitable, for example, can even reduce the maximum garden lighting
  3. Put the ornaments on the garden, must be tailored to the scale of the existing space. That is, wide and high or wide ornaments must be proportional with a garden.
  4. Clean the jewelry on a regular basis in order to appear optimal. Keep jewelry crock / gentong not cracked and broken, because it can reduce the aesthetic.

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