Saturday, May 23, 2009

Book Store In the Narrow Space

What appears in your mind when trying to set up a room with three and a half meters wide and seven meters long? Alternative to the normal public use of parking space is the motor, a warehouse, a simple bedroom, or where children play.

Your option of choice is valid of course, only for as long styled with a high taste should not have any problems. Small space that will always be considered beautiful. However, the alternatives that is presented by an interior design practitioners Penny Drue Baird. He has had experience dealing with an interesting space that has been used as art galleries.

That space is less well regarded, the floor poor appearance, low ceiling, with a number of light beam that is only good for the gallery, not good for personal space.

Thus, the narrow space that is proportionally be addressed with the taste and high art. Floor, which originally made of rough cement, trim, and dark colored board installed, along the "alley" was narrow, upright cupboard-bookcase opens.

Bookstore color is adjusted with the floor color so that the colors appear a harmonious blend. The books are placed in a rack that is "adjusted" with the floor color and shelves, Unbelievable.

Column divider or bulkhead-front bookcase made in the form of simple, but harmonious with the color match for the cabinet and floor. In each column is placed a small decorative lamp. Its function is not only enlightening, but at the same time beautify the space. Between the columns is glazed about two meters in wide and three meters in high. Small decorative table with two medium-sized vases also installed there.

Ceiling space, which was initially installed beam lamps, remove from there, replaced with a white ceiling. A number of beams ceiling that expose or dominant also installed there. And four medium-sized hanging lights illuminate on the "corridor" is small. At this interior design work has not been completed. He still install a leather chair which can be a place where the reader sits.

From this experience can be disclosed that a certain kind of face a chaotic space does not need to depart from the mind of a budget or even a "high-cost". Settings with the understanding that sufficient space is simple, but a taste. Sample submitted by Penny this can be a reference. High taste in space setup, it became one of the keys to the room of a beautiful and fun.

Look what is done by the designer and architect Scott Himmel, when in 1997, he renovate bedroom space or a break in the apartment overlooking Lake Michigan, Chicago.

He was "established" the ceilings that are not too high, but beautiful because he have blended of white and brown boards color. This is the color of a theme to unite Himmel some other device, such as a book rack neatly arranged on the right hand side, some brown chairs, stove and furnace black chocolate, and a set of green seats. The carpet and floor also brown. This is a stunning two-step Himmel install window glass on the left and right. Window that allows the apartments can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Michigan.

Large lake in the border of the wind city, Chicago, is lovely indeed. The beautiful become more "colored" because some of the vertical side of Chicago buildings is beautiful, the architecture is very captivating. As known, Chicago is one city which is the bulk of the best world's architects.

Some of the Indonesian people also take advantage of clever elegancy lake, river, or sea. The roads to Nort Beach on Jakata, for example, are the center of architecture housing style there. Some people use the window, as used by Himmel.

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